September 22, 2023

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UK Open Letter asks translators on book cover - viewer

UK Open Letter asks translators on book cover – viewer

The Writers ‘Association of England has begun an open letter asking for translators’ names on the covers of the books they are translating, an act with nearly 2,000 signatures, including names like Bernardine Everisto or Olga Dokorsuk.

The initiative came from North American translator Jennifer Kraft, who translated the Polish-to-English translation of “Wagons” by Olga Dokorsuk, who won the International Booker Prize for writing and publishing this document on the Society’s website on September 30, the day of the editors of the United Kingdom.

The letter, written by the translator in partnership with author Mark Houghton, wants to do The publishing market recognizes the importance of translators of literary works Also, in that regard, it asks all authors to ask their authors for card credits for translating their works.

By signing the document – Published in conjunction with Hashtag #TranslatorsOnTheCover (“Translators on the cover”) – Writers are obliged to ask: “Whenever our works are translated … the translator’s name appears on the cover”.

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The letter agrees: “Thanks to the translators [há] He goes on to say that “access to past and present world literature” and translators “must be duly recognized, celebrated and rewarded.”

According to Mark Hayden, “It’s an easy way for teachers to treat translators with the gratitude and respect they deserve.”

“It simply came to our notice then It doesn’t take much time and it costs teachers nothing. “Jennifer Kraft wrote, “The future of literature must be honest, equal, and fair.”

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If this initiative had come from the translator of Olga Tokarsok, the Polish writer would not have waited for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2018, at the solidarity event, he would have signed the letter first.

Award-winning Anglo-Nigerian writer Bernardine Everisto, winner of the 2019 Booker Prize for “Another Girl”, was one of the first to sign the open letter.

Zumba Lahiri, Max Porter, Philip Pullman, Sebastian Falks, Tracy Chevalier and Valeria Luiselli are among the more than 1,920 names who have signed the letter.

Commenting on the initiative, Max Porter said: “We will do it. We all … name the translator in the same breath you name the author.”

Among the translators who signed the letter were those responsible for translations from the Portuguese language, such as the British Margaret Jules Costa – Jose Saramago, Ena de Guerrero, Fernando Peso and Jose Rocio – or the Portuguese Adelino Pereira, Dina Andos, .

“Literature transcends a powerful frontier and it is the work and creativity of translators that allows this change to take place,” recalls British writer Sarah Waters.