May 25, 2024

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"They think the owner will come back" - Metro World News Brasil

“They think the owner will come back” – Metro World News Brasil

Many messages about strays — and strays — are sent every day to Suzette Hall in Irvine, California. However, another novel caught his attention: there was a dog who was thrown from a car on a railway track. Report extracted from the portal dodo.

After being abandoned, the hybrid Labrador remained in the same place where he last saw his owners. The puppy lay on the rails where he was left and waited for the owners to come back to pick him up. The animal was hungry there for a week.

“They always wait when they leave because they are so loyal and they think the person will come back,” Hall told The Dodo. “I was so afraid he would hit a train…The girl who noticed him at first said he was barely moving until the train came close to him.”

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The dog was found on the tracks

Upon reaching the tracks, Hall found the pup in the same place where it was reported. “At first he got up and started running, but I threw chicken at him and he stopped,” said Hall. He was very afraid and hesitant.

The hall put the food aside for the dog and hid it so as not to frighten him. She was worried that the little animal would go after food.

“Sometimes when I rescue a dog I feel like I’m watching the paint dry because it can take so long,” Hall said. “I’ve been known to sleep in my car to save a dog because I don’t give up.”

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After a while, the pup eventually gave up and was fed. Hall took him to call the soldier and immediately took him to the vet. The dog is currently waiting for a new home with owners who really love him.

Even if it takes some time, this time Hall will make sure that the animal finds people who love it as much as the little hybrid Labrador deserves.