July 18, 2024

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This is how Flamenco plans to reach the US market

This is how Flamenco plans to reach the US market

Flamengo has entered into an agreement with SportFive, a sports marketing company, to promote its brand primarily in the United States. Announced in mid-March, the partnership includes both feeding and sponsorship agreements for social networks with articles in English and Spanish. Trying to globalize the club is another step.

The Red-Black Club already has strategies for China, where it has closed a similar deal with Chinese-language content for social networks. Another focus is on Portugal’s plan to acquire a club: it’s moving very slowly, but it has not stopped.

In the case of SportFive, Flamenco’s focus is on increasing content in English and Spanish on social networks in the United States. Apparently, the company pays to translate the content produced by the club and to adopt a strategy of meeting the North American market.

In parallel, Sportfive has the right to represent Flamenco in the search for sponsors in the United States. The request for global companies and negotiations have already taken place with four interested parties. In this case, the company would be eligible for a commission for the sponsorship agreement, but the club could deduct this amount from the amount it pays for social media services. There is nothing unique about the representation.

The partnership with the company will run for one year until 2023. But it can be renewed if the Sportfive sponsorship revenue targets are met. Spanish content may be used in the United States, but in other markets, such as South America and Spain, other companies may use it.

The North American market is the largest in the game world. So Flamengo focused on the country, as he had done with China before.

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The club is not expected to become a global force overnight like the European giants. But to spread around the world, Flamenco understands that it must take the first steps and confirm its presence abroad by continuing to work.