June 21, 2024

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Three people were killed in a health center in Fortaleza

Three people were killed in a health center in Fortaleza

Three people were shot dead Wednesday afternoon (18) in Edmar Fujita Health PostLocated in Alberto Craveiro Street In the Dias Macedo neighborhood in Fortaleza. Earlier in the evening, two suspects involved in the case were arrested.

Preliminary information gathered from the scene with the police indicates that the accident also injured three other women, who were rescued at the Institut Doutor José Frota (IJF). However, the Mayor Jose Sarto Confirms killing three and wounding two.

according to Green Size System immediately foundTwo victims were found at the gas station and the other fell in the Alberto Craveiro Bicycle Trail. The two victims who were in the health unit and outside each had electronic anklets.

The third victim is a man who was in the mail. His son went to the place to look for his father, Francisco Igino Alves do Nascimento, 58, who had gone to the health unit to seek care. According to relatives, the man was a skilled builder.

Subtitle: The relatives of the people who were shot, went to the health center.

take photo: Emanuela Campello de Mello

Igino went to a follow-up appointment, to show him kidney scans, and he would also take the opportunity to get a vaccine. His family is there, desolate. “I wanted to be by his side. I wish I had died,” says the man’s daughter.

“If I had not turned away from him, he would have caught me and I would have saved my father.”

Investigations, arrests and support

The Governor of Ceará, Isolda Sylla, ordered the Secretary of State for Public Security and Social Defense, Sandro Caron, to use The necessary police force To catch criminals as quickly as possible, including Planes.

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“We will spare no effort in confronting and defeating this crime,” he said in a post on his social network.

At 18:55 this Wednesday, Isolda shared Two suspects arrested for their involvement in the crime. The police carried out the operation, but the investigation continues. According to Karon, one of the two men was identified through CCTV footage as the shooter.

Subtitle: The governor took a stand on social media on the issue

take photo: Play / Facebook

The mayor also called Sandro Caron to talk about the issue. It confirmed Big influencers moved To the region to identify and arrest the suspects in this barbaric crime.”

Subtitle: The mayor of Fortaleza went to the Instituto Dotor José Fruta to provide support to the victims

take photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In addition, Colonel Eduardo Holland, Municipal Secretary for Citizen Security, works on the incident and provides teams from Municipal Guard. Health Minister Anna Estella Light in turn contacted the team at the health center to seek support and reassure employees.


Of the women shot, one was hit in the chest and was saved by a police officer in main condition.

According to Mayor Jose Sarto, who worked at the Dr. Jose Fruta Institute, the surviving victims had already been rescued. “They are still under care and their condition is stable. I dedicate my solidarity to the families of the victims,” ​​he said.

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Experts from the Federal Police are working on the case

dead pfs

The Northeast notes Requested a note on the case from the Minister of Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS) and is awaiting a response to update this article.

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the suspects

According to a civilian police officer who was attending the incident, Two of the dead went to the clinic for vaccinations. They wore electronic anklets. According to the security official also, there was some sort of “conversation between the competitors” before the shooting.

Police officers inside a post-mortem health center

Subtitle: The mail was busy with security personnel after the accident

take photo: reproduction

Three suspects entered the scene and fired shots. and the suspicion that a fourth person was abroad supporting the criminals.

Security cameras at the health center were able to identify the suspects the police were already looking for.

Health Center

Activities at the Edmar Fujita Health Post were suspended on Wednesday due to this happening. In a note, the SMS said residents of the area would be able to go to any health unit in Fortaleza if they needed medical care.

For those looking for a vaccine against Covid-19, it is possible to treat Other positions in the sixth regional Health that has an immunization room against the emerging corona virus.