June 8, 2023

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Virginia Fonseca continua internada e sentindo fortes dores (Imagem: Montagem)

Virginia Fonseca is still in the hospital; Find out what the hospital has

Virginia Fonseca will have to undergo medical treatment

influencer Virginia Fonseca, at the Villa Nova Star Hospital in São Paulo. The health unit ended up issuing a bulletin informing about the health status of the celebrity. The medical team finally found out what she had and Virginia would begin treatment.

Zee Felipe’s wife suffers from severe headaches that result in severe headaches and it is necessary to undergo medical treatment to try to improve the situation. This type of headache, which is also known as treatment-resistant migraine, occurs when conventional treatments have already been used, without showing a satisfactory result.

Virginia Fonseca remains in the hospital indefinitely due to her condition. Patients with this type of problem usually undergo several tests, and need to use a series of medications, however, they continue to suffer from severe headaches daily.

hospital flyer

“Villa Nova Star Hospital reports that Ms. Virginia Pimenta da Fonseca Serrano has been hospitalized since May 15, 2022 due to headache resistance to conventional analgesia,” the hospital statement reads.

Also, according to Vila Nova Star, the influencer is conscious and stable, however, continues to receive intravenous medications to relieve headaches. Fortunately, everything is fine in connection with the pregnancy, without any complications and the baby is in good vitality.

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Virginia Fonseca has been suffering from severe headaches since last Saturday (14), and she came to look for a hospital, but was soon released after receiving treatment, as she was informed that it was a migraine attack. She is now undergoing more specific follow-up and there is no expectation of when she will be discharged from the hospital.

Virginia Fonseca in hospital - photo: childbearing
Virginia Fonseca in hospital – photo: childbearing

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