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Tips on how to reduce health risks when cleaning daily - Casa e Jardim

Tips on how to reduce health risks when cleaning daily – Casa e Jardim

Some cleaning products can cause allergic reactions, shortness of breath, nausea and even cancer if used for a long time (Photo: Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplash/CreativeCommons)

A clean and orderly home is essential for well-being and health of its inhabitants. However, the cleaning and housekeeping operations and activities which, if not taken care of, may pose a danger to those who perform Mission.

Posture, products and movements must be correct to ensure everyone’s safety. Check out some tips from experts to reduce potential risks below.

1. Do not use the remover

The product is one of the most popular solvents in Brazilian homes, as it is a versatile and instantaneous product. But what not everyone knows is that the remover is made from a mixture of highly toxic and allergens. “Removal is the most dangerous product out of all the others. It contains high concentrations of benzene, which is a carcinogenic agent and is even capable of altering the natural regulation of hormones in our bodies,” he explains. Alan Lopezfounder and global director of HBC – a consulting and certification firm buildings and health products.

2. Beware of bleach

It contains sodium hypochlorite, even if it is in a low concentration, this other product is loved by owners Homepage It releases chlorine gas which can cause airway irritation, rupture and headacheIn addition to the exacerbation of the existing asthma.

3. Do not mix products

Mixing chemicals can lead to unknown reactions. In addition, the mixture can nullify its effects. according to Marcus is marriedAllan’s partner at HBC, a combination that has become popular in pandemic It was bleached with alcohol. Although both have a sterilizing effect, the effect is nullified when the products are mixed. Hypochlorite and alcohol are destroyed and a new compound, acetaldehyde, is formed, which does not kill Corona Virus It can cause irritation and a burning sensation in the leather.

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4. Homemade recipes

at Homemade recipes Known to be safe, it is a good choice for those who want to replace the use of traditional products. In addition to being healthy, most of them can be made from waterAnd the vinegar From alcohol, sodium bicarbonate and alcohol. Another good alternative, according to Lopez, is to invest in natural and biodegradable products.

One hygienic thing to do when cleaning is to always pay attention to the manufacturer's label and usage instructions (Photo: CDC/Unsplash/CreativeCommons)

A tip is to always pay attention to the manufacturer’s label and usage instructions (Photo: CDC/Unsplash/CreativeCommons)

5. Avoid repetitive movements

According to the orthopedist, Dr. David GusmaoIt is important to avoid repetitive movements and the use of force, such as cleaning of glasses and rub tiles. Therefore, it is indicated that these activities are carried out intermittently.

6. Lowering position

Bending incorrectly to carry heavy objects strains joints and muscles, which can lead to injury. “I also recommend avoiding spending a lot of time squatting, bending down to clean, in which case it is best to sit on a chair,” comments Dr. Gusmao.

7. Beware of the stairs

To clean the top sites using a peaceMake sure the floor is solid and well supported. The presence of two people is indicated for the task, one helps to keep it to avoid it accidents.

8. Respiratory health

people with diseases Respiratory diseases, such as asthma, rhinitis, and sinusitis, can develop into allergic crises when brushing. To prevent this from happening, pulmonologist Dr. Arthur Feltrine Refers to washing the nose with saline. “This action helps open the nostrils and facilitate breathing. sofas A dry mat, preferably with Vacuum CleanerTo prevent dust particles from floating in the air and taking advantage of crises.”

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9. Use of protective equipment

To mitigate the risks AllergyPoisoning or other accidents with chemical products, it is important to use them mask of protection. In this way, the strong smell of substances that can cause facial burning, swelling and even allergic reactions can be filtered out. Another preventive measure is to use gloves to reduce direct contact with chemicals and the occurrence of dermatitis.