June 21, 2024

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To '2001' Watch SpaceX Crew First See Earth Through the Dome |  cooperation

To ‘2001’ Watch SpaceX Crew First See Earth Through the Dome | cooperation

In a new recording released by Sian Proctor, one of the tourists on the trip, it shows the exact moment when travelers see Earth through the Crew Dragon’s glass dome for the first time.

There are few words spoken, but the expressions on the faces of the crew show the emotion of the moment. To make the scene more cinematic, they left in the background the famous soundtrack to the movie “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, from 1968.

The idea of ​​listening to “also sprach Zarathustra”, composed by Richard Strauss, in 1896, was the idea of ​​Sian Proctor himself. “I downloaded it to my iPad before launch,” he said on Twitter.

See more photos from the crew:

Billionaire Project Elon Musk Civilians have taken farther than astronauts have gone lately and gone beyond the flights of other billionaires observing this market.

SpaceX has released an image of the capsule’s glass dome during the Inspiration4 mission – Image: Reproduction/SpaceX

Despite the wide spread, many details of the trip are still saved for a soon-to-be-released documentary.

However, the crew members give more details of the special moments lived at an altitude of more than 500 kilometers.

Inspiration4 Mission Video

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