May 25, 2024

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Today, Atletico MG's rival, Atlético-PR coach "sucked" Coca and helped him become a champion with what he learned in Italy

Today, Atletico MG’s rival, Atlético-PR coach “sucked” Coca and helped him become a champion with what he learned in Italy

Alberto Valentim was Coca’s assistant coach at Palmeiras

Atletico MG e Atletico-PR start to select Brazil Cup This Sunday, (12), at 5:30 p.m., in Mineirao. The leaders of the two clubs have a connection in the past: the partnership that arose in a time Palm trees.

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current hurricane coach, Alberto Valentim started his career as an assistant at São Paulo FC and earned two tickets. He intersects with Cuca, a technician who “sucked” information to gain experience in the profession. And that now hurts the Copa del Brasil title.

“I have two spells at Palmeiras, both with Coca. I have always said this in public, and for him sometimes, I have always tried to suck him as much as I can, with all his information, all his wit,” Valentim said, “in a hard way, a man who works 24 hours with his club. We were champions together at Palmeiras, and then I ended up leaving and going to Red Bull,” noting that his return to the academy was Coca’s “finger.”

“I remember very well when Coca called me and asked me to come back with him. I came back from helping again, because it was a pleasure to work with him, I learned a lot, as I think I made a contribution I am glad to meet him in the final,” Valentim said at a press conference.

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On the sporting side, Coca was also asked about Valentim and all the partnership they had together at Palmeiras. The current Brazilian champion praised his colleague for the novelty in his work, educated in Italy, and highlighted the affinity beyond the four lines.

Coca said, “Alberto is a friend of mine, a modern coach and full of new ideas. When I was in Palmeiras with him I met him, he traveled abroad, and he had many experiences with many coaches, especially in Italy.”

“He has added a lot to us at Palmeiras in the achievement we have achieved (Brazilian Championship 2016). In 2017, when I ended up leaving, he remained runner-up to Brazil. He is a great professional and a friend of mine in football.”

The second match of the Copa del Rey will be held on Wednesday (15) in the Arena da Baixada. The ball rolls at 9.30pm.