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Atletico MG crushes Atletico in the first match of the final

Atletico MG crushes Atletico in the first match of the final

Mineirão boiled and fan Atletico MG He didn’t even want to wait for the match to come back to shout that he was a two-time Brazilian Cup champion. Gallo overcame Atlético PR in the first match of the competition decision, 4-0, this Sunday (12), in Gigante da Pampulha, in Belo Horizonte. Thanks to goals by Hulk and Keno and two from Vargas, who left the bench to replace Diego Costa at the start of the match, Minas Gerais has one hand in the Copa do Brasil. The return match in Curitiba is scheduled for next Wednesday (15).

Atlético-MG could lose by up to three goals to be the Brazilian Cup champion. If Atletico rematch defeat 4-0, in the capital of Paraná, the decision of the competition will be penalties. Hurricane only wins the cup directly if they win by five goals.

First time

The first step was to fully master Atletico MG, who only got small worries along his stretch. After 8 minutes, goalkeeper Santos played a foul and touched Diego Costa’s foot. Gallo’s central striker played for Hulk, who ended the match with a dangerous header. At twenty, the Hulk made a great move with Zaracho. The Argentine received the heel, crossed into the area, and the ball hit the arm of Leo Citadini. Hulk converted the penalty kick. At the age of 34, Keno took off, released two and scored from outside the area. Atletico-PR got their first good chance with Nikao, by mistake, at 44, when Iverson made a fine save. At the age of forty-seven, after a corner kick, Eric headed free and dangerously.

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In the second half, Gallo returned to control the match more, but after 10 minutes Vargas increased the score. Thiago Heleno was playing wrong, the ball hit Hulk’s head and the Chilean only had to push it into the goal. At 23, Vargas scored again after a move that passed through Gayer, Hulk and Nacho. The fourth goal drove Mineirao crazy and Alfinegra fans shouted “É Campeão!”

Vargas leaves the bank to make history

Vargas was questioned several times during the season by an Alfinegro fan, and it was Vargas who left the bench to replace Diego Costa. The Chilean scored the last two goals and helped Atlético move forward by winning their second Brazilian Cup in their history.

Atletico – MG . match

Gallo was unaware of Team Paraná. With a trio formed by Hulk, Keno and Diego Costa (and later Vargas), the team created great opportunities, especially with plays running from foot to foot. Zaracho was Gallo’s engine when it came to arming the attackers, and Coca’s team put in a lot of intensity right from the start of the match.

Atletico match – PR

On the other hand, the Hurricane had a lot of difficulties to stop Alvenegro and very few chances ahead. The fact that Thiago Heleno and Nico Hernandez had yellowed before the 20th minute shows how demanding Gallo’s attack was for the defenders. Valentim’s team chose to try on the counterattack, but the few chances came, preferably, from set pieces.

Who did well: the chassis

Brazil’s Cup top scorer with seven goals, it was Hulk who kicked off Gallo’s victory. It was his play that led to the penalty kick, which he later turned around. The player appeared well on both sides of the field and with important rotations, in addition to his active participation in the two goals scored by Vargas.

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Who Was Wrong: Thiago Heleno

Hurricane as a whole faced many difficulties throughout the match. However, the defender was hit by the yellow early in the match and left to play very poorly in the move that led to Atlético-MG’s third goal.

forced change

Diego Costa was selected to start the match between the hosts, with Nacho Fernandez starting on the bench. But the presence of the striker on the field did not last. In the 12th minute, the player requested a substitution after referring to the injury. He came out very depressed, covering his face and crying. Relatives of the player in the boxes showed their fears about the drama experienced by Diego, who immediately went down to the changing rooms after the substitution.

Diego Costa injured during the first match of the Brazilian Cup final

Photo: Flickr / Atlético-MG

More damage to return

Despite the bad match in Belo Horizonte, one of the main signs of the Atletico team, defender Thiago Heleno will not be in the second leg, in Curitiba, next Wednesday (15). The player received the third yellow card after only 10 minutes and was suspended for the next match.

Hulk x Nikao

When referee Bruno Arleu de Araújo signaled the penalty, striker Nikão went for the penalty and began digging up spaces that Hulk was preparing to hit. The cock player got angry and gave his opponent a kick that quickly fell to the ground. The hull was yellowish in crosshairs.

Triple one of the few chances in MG

Nikao, Terrance and Renato Kaiser are the pillars of the Atletico team, but they did not succeed in Minas. The first two teams played for Gallo, but had few chances. The same thing happened with Renato Kaiser, but besides Sea trip. The player was hired by Toby, from Juiz de Fora, but he played several times in the Celestial jersey.

data sheet

Atletico MG 4 x 0 Atletico PR
a reason: Brazil Cup Final
data: 12/12/2021
Sweetened: Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Atletico MG: Iverson. Mariano, Junior Alonso, Igor Rabelo and Guilherme Arana; Alan (Chi Chi, 39 minutes into the second half), Gayer (Kaleppe, 39 minutes into the second half), Zaracho; Kino (Nacho, 21 minutes into the second half), Hulk and Diego Costa (Eduardo Vargas, 13 minutes after the first half). Technician: Coca
Atletico-PR: Saints. Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Nico Hernandez (Pedro Rocha, 17 minutes into the second half); Marcinho, Eric, Leo Citadini (Fernando Canisen, 40 minutes of the second half) and Abner Vinicius (Nicolas, 39 minutes of the second half); Nikau, David Terrance (Jader, in the 26th minute of the second half) and Kaiser (Vinicius Mengotti, in the 26th minute of the second half). Artistic Alberto Valentim.
Objectives: Hulk, Keno and Eduardo Vargas (twice)
yellow cards: Hulk, Igor Rabelo and Guilherme Arana (Atletico MG). Thiago Heleno, Pedro Henrique and Nico Hernandez (Atletico)

Rule: Bruno Arleu de Araújo (FIFA-RJ)
Auxiliaries: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa (FIFA-RJ) and Fabricio Villarino da Silva (FIFA-GO)
where: Rodrigo Nunes de Sa (FIFA-RJ)