May 25, 2024

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Tonico kills Nélio at Nos Tempos do Imperador?  Check the result of betrayal · TV news

Tonico kills Nélio at Nos Tempos do Imperador? Check the result of betrayal · TV news

In this Monday chapter (10), tonic (Alexander Nero) committed a series of atrocities in In the time of the emperor. After finding whereabouts Dolores (Daphne Bozaski) and Nélio (João Pedro Zappa), the politician got into a physical fight with the ex-aide and threw him off a cliff. But, after all, did the villain kill his rival in the Globo soap at 6 o’clock or not?

the the news Anticipate what will happen. In the following chapters of the plot, viewers will see how Nelliu will survive the betrayal of the great scoundrel of the story. After falling into the narrow valley, the trees will dampen the fall of Batista’s son (Ernani Moraes).

Dolores’ lover will also receive help from a forest dweller and will be able to treat his injuries. After a few chapters, the young man will decide to denounce his former boss, the leader of the Brazilian monarchy.

Nélio will appear by surprise in the plot of the sixth o’clock

Competitors reunion

Nélio will appear in an office Peter 2 (Selton Melo) with the stick and accused Toniko of the attempted assassination. He will also say that the politician was involved in plans with England and Paraguay to overthrow the king.

Pedro will call up the character played by Alexander Nero to explain himself, but he will deny such participation: “Will Your Majesty listen to political intrigues? You know very well how our enemies act,” he will reduce.

“He who is accused is not your enemy, but on the contrary. He has been your friend very much,” the aristocrat will return. “My friend?” Would you be surprised Discount. Nélio will appear, then: “It’s me, Tonico.”

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Pedro It will not buy the competing version and will announce that it will launch an investigation to investigate the allegations. The deputy will take a risk then To be found guilty of treason.

In the time of the emperor It takes place about 40 years after the events of new world (2017). Feuilleton has entered the final extension. Beyond the Illusion premiered on Day 7.

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