May 30, 2024

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Tramandi recorded its first confirmed case of dengue fever in 2022

Tramandi recorded its first confirmed case of dengue fever in 2022

Tramandi confirmed his first case of dengue fever in 2022.

The first case of dengue was confirmed in 2022 on the north coast of the Rio Grande do Sul island in Tramandi. The diagnosis was made this week. According to the municipal health monitoring, the 71-year-old patient had mild symptoms, such as headache, body aches and fever.

The case is considered imported. The elderly woman infected with the Aedes aegypti mosquito arrived in Tramandi at the weekend to visit family members. She is a resident of the northern region of Rio Grande do Sul, in the city of Camargo, where there are already other confirmed cases.

Endemic disease control agents at the Municipal Health Service are demarcating an area 300 meters around the house where the case has been confirmed, in the Zona Nova neighborhood. According to agent, Vitor Costa de Oliveira, teams are visiting all properties in the vicinity to identify and eliminate potential sources of standing water.

Prevention and reporting of violations

Health watch in Tramandi is asking city residents for help in two ways. The most important is the elimination of all sources of stagnant water, which has become a breeding ground for Aedes aegypti. The second is to denounce places that can facilitate the breeding of the insect, such as swimming pools that do not need maintenance and vacant land with the possibility of outbreaks.

Complaints are contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone (51) 3684-9085 or (51) 3684-6979.

North Coast and RS

According to the state health department’s Arbovirus Surveillance Committee, there are no confirmed cases in other North Coast cities this year. The system indicates notifications of suspected cases in Torres, Santo Antonio da Patrolla and Tres Cachoeiras.

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Of the 23 municipalities in the region, 14 are infested with the Aedes Aegypti mosquito: Arroio do Sal, Balneário Pinhal, Capão da Canoa, Capivari do Sul, Cidreira, Imbé, Mostardas, Osório, Santo Antônio da Patrulha, Terra de Areia, Torres and Tramandaí and Three Waterfalls and Xangri-La.

Across Rio Grande do Sul, 1,715 cases of dengue were confirmed in 2022. The data includes the period up to March 19. Another 3,584 are under investigation.

home care

Keep water tanks, tub covers, and drums tightly closed
Change and wash the plant pots water once a week
Put the trash in plastic bags and close them tightly
Tires must be stored indoors.
In drains that cannot be closed, put a screen to prevent mosquitoes from entering