July 20, 2024

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Trump upset with journalist: ‘Idiot, shut off the cameras’

Trump upset with journalist: ‘Idiot, shut off the cameras’

The mood changed during the recording of the interview.

Photo: reproduction

Sensitive to criticism, Donald Trump has reacted poorly to the claim that he is responsible for the chaos caused by his supporters who invaded the US Congress after his defeat in the 2020 election.

The ex-President of the United States shot journalist Piers Morgan: “You fool, you idiot.” An order to shut down the cameras. not obeyed.

Details: Trump and Peers are old friends. The discussion took place during the taping of “Piers Uncensored” on TalkTV, which opens on Monday (25th) in the UK.

The conservative politician got angry, until he got up to leave. “You are not real, you are fake,” he told the interviewer. “No, I’m just very honest,” answered Morgan, an irreparable argument that angered countless powers and celebrities.

From Friends to Foes: The Trump-Beers Exchange

From friends to foes: Trump and Peers exchange ‘barbs’

Photo: reproduction

After the journalist released excerpts from the recording, portraying Donald Trump as arrogant and untimely, aides to the former president said the photos were edited to deceive the press and the public in order to lure the public. They said the interview was “misleading and boring.”

The “climate” began hours before Pierce and his team arrived at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where Trump stayed after leaving the White House.

The politician received a dossier containing dozens of negative comments made by the journalist on television during his presidency.

“What the hell is that?” Trump asked, clutching at the poll pages, when he found Pierce. He threatened not to record the interview, but then decided to move on. The presenter gave the program a copy of the file “as evidence of his betrayal.”

Pierce and Trump became close in 2008, when the journalist won a version of the commercial reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice” (the Brazilian version was called “O Aprendiz”), which is directed by the New York magnate.

Since they are both openly absurd and like to appear in the media, they may have set up the alleged struggle to make headlines and achieve valuable self-promotion. “Speak poorly, but speak of me,” they pleaded to the arrogant scorners.

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