September 22, 2023

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Two more pictures have appeared online

Two more pictures have appeared online

More than two photos possible the silent Hill appeared online. Previously, four Shared Records Inside Dusk Golem on Twitter for violating the social network’s copyright guidelines, but now, two more images are being released.

In the first, a messy room is highlighted, while the other focuses on the appearance of the supposed protagonist of the new game – unlike the first leak, she does not have a deteriorating face. We have chosen not to post screenshots here, but you can check them out on the portal Playstation Lifestyle or not reddit.

Rumors about the new Silent Hill continue to grow, and the community has already tried to find links between the title and Hideo Kojima. With a new perspective on the face of the character, Photo of the director next to an actress in a motion capture studio To be noticed.

(Source: clone)

It is worth remembering that this is only speculation. Konami, which owns the IP, hasn’t revealed that it’s ready for a new game or a remake of the franchise. Until officially confirmed, please take this information with extreme caution.

Alleged new Silent Hill may be exclusive to PS5

Jeff Grob, a journalist at VentureBeat, has revealed that he has information about a possible exclusive to the new Silent Hill. According to him, it is likely that IP will only be released on PS5. paying off!

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