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UFC 276: Volkanovsky dominates Holloway, defends featherweight belt, challenges Charles Du Bronx |  fighting

UFC 276: Volkanovsky dominates Holloway, defends featherweight belt, challenges Charles Du Bronx | fighting

It wasn’t a fight or a fight in any of the rounds. With a dominant performance and without any risk, Australian Alexander Volkanovsky officially won the treble against Hawaii’s Max Holloway by unanimous decision of the judges (treble 50-45). After the fight, the champion took the opportunity to challenge Charles de Bronx at the lightweight, a class completely above his own.

Aleksandr Volkanovsky UFC 276 – Photo: Getty Images

You can applaud or mock me, but you cannot ignore me. I needed this win because it was to show that I am the great champion that I am to those who still have doubts. I want to be in this octagon for as long as possible. Now I want to face Charles from the Bronx. I have great respect for him, but I want to go up the grade and try to be a double champion,” the Australian said after the fight.

Alexander Volkanovsky, Max Holloway, UFC 276 – Photo: Getty Images

The fight with both fighters began at a slower pace, measuring distance and avoiding early exposure. Volkanovsky tied the first two good hits to the fight, but without much power. As the battle progressed, the champion gained confidence and provoked Holloway, at the same time being more aggressive, hitting a left blow that shook Hawaii, and maintaining superiority until the end of the first half.

Showing more speed and accuracy, Volkanovsky returned for the second round attacking Max Holloway from the start. Hawaii had trouble getting into the Australian range of motion and the champ stopped him at the fence. Holloway was able to break free, but his attacks did not find the hero who moved so efficiently. Volkanovsky controls the distance very well, cutting every defiant direction towards him.

Max Holloway returned with a deep cut in his left eyebrow for the third round. Hawaii could not break through Alex Volkanovsky’s defensive line, and took hits the closer he got. The hero maintains accuracy and movement even as the fight progresses.

UFC 276 Max Holloway – Photo: Getty Images

The fourth round maintained the same pattern as the previous rounds: Holloway tried to find holes in Volkanovsky’s defense, while the champion imposed himself with quick and accurate strikes. Shortly into the middle of the round, the Hawaiian tried to take control of the champion’s back after attempting a left kick, but the Australian easily eliminated the opponent by the fence. Holloway attempted the round kicks in the last minute of the round, but they were all held up by Volkanovsky’s defence.

Knowing he needed to take out or introduce Alexander Volkanovsky, Max Holloway returned for the fifth round in an attempt to bring down the champ, but was unsuccessful. Apparently worn out, the Hawaiian can withstand Australian punches, but doesn’t seem to be able to turn a fight. Volkanovsky scrupulously followed his combat plan, and was physically ready to defend the opponent’s attempts to eliminate. Seriously wounded, Holloway bravely resisted the attacks of the Australian. The champion kept the rhythm of the fight to the end, defending the belt with a dominant victory.

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