June 12, 2024

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UK authorities first seize NFT tokens

UK authorities first seize NFT tokens

The IRSTogether habits, NFTs belonging to three persons accused of fraud were confiscated. According to BBCValue 1.4 million.

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Duplicates prevent VAT To be paid to the British Treasury by 250 bogus companies. The value is about 1.4 million pounds, which is 1.7 million euros. Customs and IRS take legal action and confiscate digital artwork and digital assets worth 5,000.

Countries are becoming more and more involved in transactions of digital assets, so this fear shows us that counterfeiters are hiding their goods and counterfeit money through these products.

The purpose of the criminals is to use this to launder money. NFTs Digital artwork using false and stolen labels and fake companies.

In recent weeks, seizures in the British state have gone through the digital plane, where there is no regulation, attracting criminals with illegal activities. We can see fungus-free tokens and cryptocurrencies taking place in governments. China, Russia And other countries European union.

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