May 25, 2024

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UK buzz following the death of cancer star Deborah James – International

His smiling, slender face occupied the front page of British newspapers on Wednesday (29): Deborah James, a cancer star who managed to raise millions of pounds for research before she died, moved to the UK.

Britt, 40, is known as “Powell Babe” on Instagram, where he has a million followers and announced in mid-May that he was in wellness care. For months, Deborah James shared her daily struggle with colon cancer on social media.

This Tuesday, his family announced on Instagram that he had died “quietly”.

“We are proud of her, her militant commitment to her work and fundraising, and her endless efforts to raise awareness about cancer,” her family members added.

His death provoked heart-rending reactions on social media, where Netizens praised his “courage”, “determination” and the “incredible legacy” left by Deborah James.

After hearing Deborah James explain her symptoms, BBC Theresa Whitfield, who has been diagnosed with colon cancer, told Whitfield, “Without her, I would not be here today. We must continue her campaign.”

Deborah James, the former headmistress of the school, has been known in the UK for presenting the most popular BBC podcast “You, Me and the Big C” since its discovery in 2016. He also wrote a book about his illness.

Deborah James, a mother of two boys aged 12 and 14, set a goal of raising £ 250,000 before she died. Since launching his campaign, which went viral on social media in May, he has raised 7 7 million for research and raised this target many times over.