June 16, 2024

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Representatives of Germany and the United Kingdom meet the beneficiaries of the rubber subsidy on the acre |  Acre Government

Representatives of Germany and the United Kingdom meet the beneficiaries of the rubber subsidy on the acre | Acre Government

Representatives from the German Development Bank (KfW) and the UK Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis) conducted a series of field inspections to monitor projects funded by the REM Acres Phase II project. The agenda began last Friday, the 24th, with the arrival of the detachments of the Bonal Settlement Project, located in the municipality of Cenotar Quaymart, 80 km from the capital Rio Franco.

Kfus Bank’s REM Project Manager Klaus Köhnlein and Beis REM Project Manager, Svenja Bunte, meet Ladex Extraction beneficiaries from REM Acres. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

During the event, members of the delegation were able to meet some of the families associated with the Cooperative Acroextradivist Nova Bonal (CooperPonal) who benefit from the Rubber Grant, an incentive to reach up to 50 families in the Cooperative. As the main financial assistance of the REM Acres Phase II project, per kg production.

The visit was attended by KfW’s Chief Portfolio Manager Klaus Conline; REM do Beis Project Manager, Svenja Bunte; Louis Hill, Energy Project Manager at the UK Embassy in Brazil; Alicia Spengler, Director of the REM-GIZ Project for German-GIZ-Brazil Technical Cooperation; The GFA Advisory Council, in collaboration with the International Innovation Institute (EII), Elsa Mendoza and Don Pascoe, are international consultants on the implementation of the REM Acre-Phase II project; And Acre, German-GIZ technical cooperation technical consultant at Jânio Aquino.

Acres represented the Government by the General Coordinator of the REM Project Coordination Division at Roseneide Sena in Seplag (UCP / REM / Seplag), with whom the Technical Committee of the State Productivity and Agri-Commerce Secretariat (Sepa); Romulo Eugenio, head of the Sustainable Systems division; Claudio Malvira, Head of Agribusiness; Jalsier Bezova, head of the livestock division; And Suhelan Alves, head of the family production department. Nazaré Macedo, Interim Managing Director, Technical Adviser for Climate Change and Environmental Services Regulatory Agency (IMC), and Nésia Moreno.

Raimundo Macedo, chairman of the Nova Bonal Agroextractive Cooperative (CooperPonal), stressed the need to reduce bureaucracy in the payment of grants. During a meeting with government representatives from Acre, Germany and the United Kingdom, the allies were asked to devise new strategies for the future that would reduce delays in the delivery of rubber subsidy to beneficiaries and overcome bureaucracy. They also demanded that the price of rubber be adjusted.

The head of the Copernicus, Raimundo Macedo, with representatives of the Governments of Germany and the United Kingdom. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

In response, General Coordinator Roseneide Sena asked members to gather information on production so that the government could conduct a financial analysis study and highlight the need to ensure that the resources provided by the REM Acres project actually exist. Contributes to the conservation of forests and the reduction of deforestation.

Svenja Bunte, REM Project Manager at Beis, meets with clients and learns latex extraction techniques in the Bone Settlement program. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

Klaus Köhnlein, REM Project Manager at Banco KfW, learned rubber extraction techniques during the visit of extraction specialists benefiting from the REM Acres project in Bonal. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

Adriana Fernandez is one of the beneficiaries of the rubber grant, which is financially supported by REM Acres. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

CEBA’s technical team conducts a field visit to the rubber plantation of Bonal with representatives from Germany and the United Kingdom. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

Suhalen Alves, Head of Family Production, SEBA, welcomes an international delegation to visit the beneficiaries of the Bonal Rubber Grant. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

Bonal Extractors are meeting with donors from the REM Acres program and requesting that the price per kilogram of rubber be adjusted. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom

Manoel José da Silva, President and Founder of Cooperacre, was welcomed by international delegates and representatives from Acre State. – Photo: Jose Caminha / Secom