May 19, 2024

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UK completes weekly record of Govt-19 cases

UK completes weekly record of Govt-19 cases

In the UK, masks are no longer mandatory from the end of January and there is no legal need to isolate positive individuals – AFP

According to official estimates released on Friday, the number of cases of Govt-19 in the United Kingdom, whose most restrictions have been lifted, has hit its weekly record with relative indifference.

Based on the population representation model, the National Statistics Office (ONS) estimates that of the total population of 67 million, 4.26 million were infected with Govt-19 last week, up from 4.3 million in the first week of 2022. When a higher weekly number was recorded since the onset of the epidemic.

The agency attributed the data to the high transmissibility of Omigron’s BA.2 sub variant.

It is estimated that one in 16 people in the UK and Wales, one in 17 in Northern Ireland and one in 11 in Scotland have the corona virus.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Kingdom is one of the few European countries to have “suddenly” deregulated.

According to epidemiologists, one of the reasons for this outbreak is the current predominance of the BA.2 subtype, which is 30% more contagious, but no more dangerous than its predecessor BA.1.

In the UK, masks have not been mandatory since the end of January and positive individuals are not legally required for self-isolation. The government also recently removed the requirement for passengers to submit contact details for the test.

Other British countries, such as Scotland, continue to regulate the use of masks at home, but Wales plans to remove them on Monday.

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