June 21, 2024

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UK health experts are calling for new restrictions on the increase in Govt cases

UK health experts are calling for new restrictions on the increase in Govt cases

Rise in Govt cases in UK triggers calls to lift restrictions on use of masks in closed spaces – AFP

A senior British health official said on Wednesday (20) that some restrictions against Govt-19, including the use of masks in closed spaces, had been rejected by the Boris Johnson government at this time after an increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

The number of new cases per day, the highest in Europe, is approaching the level of winter (Northern Hemisphere) and on Monday the UK recorded nearly 50,000 epidemics. Mortality and hospitalization are low, but the country recorded 223 deaths on Monday, the highest number since March, bringing the balance to nearly 139,000 deaths.

“We are already in a situation where the situation could worsen in two or three weeks, so we need to act now,” Matthew Taylor, director of the NHS federation, told Sky News, a coalition of various public health organizations.

If the country does not take action, the pressure on the health system will increase with the advent of winter, which is considered tense for hospitals before the epidemic.

Based on a successful vaccination campaign and a desire to reactivate the economy badly affected by the Govt, Prime Minister Boris Johnson ended it with most restrictions in the UK in July.

However, Taylor urged the government to adopt “Plan B”, which provides for the return of certain activities, such as the use of masks in closed spaces, teleworking and health passports.

But the administrator is currently rejecting the new restrictions and says he believes in a campaign to increase the vaccine for people who received the second dose six months ago.

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“We do not want to go back to jail or new restrictions,” Commerce Minister Kwazi Quarteng told Sky News.

However, the use of booster doses and vaccination of adolescents has been criticized as slow. “We can always do better,” the minister agreed.

The government on Tuesday said it was “closely monitoring” a new subsidiary (AY4.2) spreading across the UK. Scientists have not yet determined whether it is highly contagious.

The increase in cases by some scientists is due to the reduced level of vaccination among minors, the declining immunity of the elderly who were vaccinated several months ago and the government’s liberal approach to this issue.

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