July 25, 2024

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UK to launch space flights with new launch pad

UK to launch space flights with new launch pad

It took a while, some court battles cost, but it finally happened: the UK was about to enter business Of trips Into space after Scottish authorities approved a construction Place of payment In Sutherland, a county in Scotland, after a series of improcities in the local justice system.

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The approval actually came last year, but a series of lawsuits by local landowners delayed the entire process. Despite popular support for Sutherland’s vertical base, few Representatives of agricultural companies – The district is mostly rural – they thought that the project would end up using a large amount of land which they said would be more profitable if used for agriculture.

The local court decided in favor of building the foundation as the project was understood to be in the public interest. However, even at the time of liberation, a portion of the land was still available for cultivation. Condition is that livestock breeders and farm producers can reschedule their produce on dates Rocket launching.

According to local newspapers, the lawsuits filed by the companies were promoted and funded by Danish billionaire Anders Holz Powell, who supported the construction of another site about 300 km (km) from Sutherland. His justification was that the Shetland Islands – his recommendation – consisted of barren land and abandoned military buildings.

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However, the local court chose to keep the project in Sutherland.3 17.3m (£ 133.51m), placed within the A’Mhoine Peninsula off the north coast of Scotland. Idea to promote up to 12 releases per year.

The UK company is already operating in space

According to the latest announcements, the site in Sutherland will host its inaugural launch by the Scottish company Orpex. Space And operates in the small satellite market. In addition to the introduction of the site, the idea is that the company always starts there.

Of course, this does not guarantee exclusive rights (Orpex does not own the base or established area), but since the company is close to a Scottish business, it makes sense to have some priorities.

Among its supporters, Orpex has received about 38 million euros (BRL 293.02 million) in finance and investment, including names from the British Parliament, the British Space Agency (UKSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). His latest project is the development of motivation Prime, Can enter the company in the commercial aviation market.

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