June 23, 2024

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A U.S. court has fined Facebook $ 14 million for discrimination

A U.S. court has fined Facebook $ 14 million for discrimination

Oh Facebook The United States has agreed to pay a fine of more than $ 14 million in a lawsuit alleging that major technology is deliberately discriminating against American workers in favor of immigrants.

The judiciary said it would work with the agency to identify victims of discriminatory practices, but said it would be too soon to determine how many people could be compensated.

“Facebook will impose a $ 4.75 million civil fine on the United States and up to $ 9.5 million in training of its employees for the INA’s anti-discrimination requirements for victims of Facebook’s discriminatory practices,” the company concluded. The INA (Immigration and National Law) prohibits U.S. employers from discriminating against U.S. citizens and other persons authorized to work in the United States.

Big Tech has agreed to submit petitions for temporary visa holders to the Department of Labor over the next three years under the Federal Permanent Labor Certification Program.

“In addition, Facebook must expand all job records, accept electronic applications or applications from all U.S. workers who apply, and take steps to ensure its recruitment to those positions that fit your standard recruitment practices,” Justice said.

Civil fines and repayment funds used for major technology reflect the largest fine and monetary damages ever collected by the federal division in the 35-year history of the INA’s anti – discrimination arrangement.


According to the Federal Agency, Facebook only “refused” to hire U.S. citizens for more than 2,600 vacancies from 2018 to 2019 alone. Instead, the company would have decided to hire workers with temporary visas to fund the acquisition of permanent U.S. citizenship or the right to US citizenship status (so-called “green cards”).

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