June 20, 2024

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UK PS5 Christmas stock saved by Korean Air Cargo – AEROFLAP

Photo: Alan Wilson / via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Demand for the PS5 is growing worldwide. In the UK, for example, it has become almost impossible to find this console for sale, especially for those who want to treat their family and friends during Christmas.

Considering the extraordinary demand for the PlayStation 5, Sony decided to rent a Korean Air cargo plane, thus ensuring that there is a video game in stores and saving the Christmas list of many lucky ones.

To reclaim UK shares, Sony has leased four Korean Air cargo aircraft, all of which are powered by the famous Boeing 747F. Flights departing from Seoul to London-Heathrow took 11 and over an hour and a half.

The search for the PlayStation 5 for sale in the UK has become a scavenger hunt

According to local media, 50 exclusive plates were loaded on each plane to carry the PS5. As a result, 12 trucks were allocated so that the cargo could be unloaded and delivered within a limited way among retailers.

Usually, many electronic goods are shipped from Asia to Europe. But due to the great need to ensure that the products reach the retailers in a timely manner, many companies opt for the air mode to speed up the delivery of these products.

Fortunately, Sony got the help of Korean Air Cargo not to disappoint the plans of Santa Claus and the British.

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