May 18, 2024

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UK retailers are closing online in protest on Black Friday 2021

France: Aachen Retail has appointed a new CEO and CEO
Auchan Retail has announced the appointment of Yves Claude as its new Chairman and CEO. Claude succeeds Edgard Bonte, who successfully led Auchan Retail on a positive economic path.

United Kingdom: A joint venture with Amazon continues

Co-op began its partnership with Amazon to cater to Bristol. The deal with the US company was announced online in September, and will give Prime members the option of a full-session co-op grocery shopping session with one-day delivery on the Amazon website. Recent service extensions include Avonmouth, Chipping Sudbury and Almondsbury areas.

Italy: Gruppo Végé plans to open 131 stores by 2022

Gruppo VéGé from Italy wants to open new stores fast next year. By 2022, the group plans to open 131 new stores. The retail cooperative, formed by 35 affiliates, aims to become the fifth largest food market in Italy (7.5%) in terms of market share. To achieve these goals, the group plans to expand its total number of stores to more than 3,800 by next year, representing more than 1.1 million square meters of retail space.

Amazon builds its own mail network in Belgium

Amazon will create its own package delivery network in Belgium to avoid courier services such as Bpost. The US company is looking for subcontractors and will train them themselves. In the French-speaking part of the country, Amazon is sending 1 package in 5.

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Black Friday: The biggest boycott planned by independent retailers

On Friday, independent retailers across the UK will close their websites, donate their profits to charities and plant trees as part of a renewed campaign against consumerism fueled by major online merchants offering black silver contracts. The number of retailers ignoring the event is the highest ever recorded by the British Association of Independent Retailers (BIRA) and is part of a growing movement against major online shopping sites such as Amazon that have been growing since the onset of the epidemic. It won.

Russia: Magnet’s transfer of ownership to minorities will not change much

Magnet speaks to partners again. VTB has pledged to exit the $ 8 billion Russian supermarket by selling 5% to the market and 12% to its partner marathon. In 2018 the shares of founder and general manager Sergei Kalitsky were purchased by a state-backed lender.
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Lidl Portugal is investing 100 million euros in expansion in Madeira

Little Portugal is investing 100 100 million to expand its operations into the autonomous region of Madeira. Within two years, the German discount company plans to open its first three stores on the island, creating 150 jobs. The entry of the Madeira takes place more than a quarter of a century after Little Portugal began operating on the mainland.