June 22, 2024

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Cadrell's Asteroid Hell crosses the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom

Cadrell’s Asteroid Hell crosses the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom

Cottrell handles allegations of misconduct against producers and workers (Image: REUTERS / Paulo Whitaker)

To Sucositrico Incision Entered into a crossroads of bad news that no company wanted, even though it had its headquarters in Araguara (SP). There are three, at least so far, until its emergence.

Since yesterday, with the news that Cuttack will no longer export, the New York Commodities Exchange has helped boost the rise in juice. Orange juice To the US market due to 34% import tax.

While this may seem unlikely, the largest Brazilian citrus group – almost half – as the largest Brazilian exporter to the market – did not confirm the news, even requesting Money Times (Will be updated if any reply is received).

But even if it rejects the withdrawal from concentrated and frozen juice (FCOJ) exports, the tax imposed by the US will further erode its edges and leave the best options to divert production. The European market, which is Brazil’s largest buyer, is well-supplied – The Citrus juice e Louis Traffus Lead – and it’s less important.

The other bad news is about the corporate image, but it also has the potential to slip into work and business.

Cutrale may respond to a series of illegal practices in the treatment of its employees, including allegations of dismissal of pregnant women, according to complaints from the Federation of Rural Employees of the State of Sவோo Paulo (Feraesp). )

The group’s astral hell begins in London. Jose Luis Cadrell and his son Jr., who live there, are being tried by the country’s courts for causing economic damage to Brazilian Orange at the request of the S கூட்டo Paulo State Agrarian Federation (Facebook). Producers.

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The damages were accepted by the British judiciary on November 5, and this is not the first time. The Executive Council of Economic Law (GATE) has already confirmed the same case.

Cotrell’s note (Updated at 3:25 pm)

Through Kekst CNC, the liaison agency that represents the group internationally, Cutrale responded exclusively to the London court case:

“The dismissal of the lawsuit against the company is an indication that the case is ineligible, and we hope that in the end we will win. An example is – there is no legitimacy for them – and enforces Brazilian law in the UK. The CADE (Executive Council for Economic Security) has been conducting a comprehensive investigation for more than 17 years and there is no evidence of a cartel. No one’s permission is granted by any individual. Deputy Jose Luis Cottrell Jr. wants to appeal and hopes the appeal will be successful. Although we consider that the English courts are not the proper forum for the complaint against Mr. Jose Louis Cadrell, the Court is obliged to inquire into the complaint against him as a result of the rules of procedure – nothing to this. With qualifications, Mr. We are confident that Cadrell will eventually succeed in defeating the unsubstantiated allegations against him. ”