May 22, 2024

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UK supermarkets show cardboard food so shelves don't look empty - world

UK supermarkets show cardboard food so shelves don’t look empty – world

As there is a shortage of basic necessities in the UK, supermarkets have come up with a solution to keep shelves empty. Covers with pictures of vegetables, fruits and other items are placed to fill in the blanks left over from the food shortage.

The Tesco supermarket chain has begun to replace asparagus, carrots, oranges and grapes with food on display, but do not store it.

Customers from across the UK have taken pictures and shared them on social media to show the situation that supermarkets have reached.

Reported by Defender, Many consumers found fake carrots in Fagenham, cards with pictures of asparagus in London, photos of Milton Keynes and oranges and grapes, and 2D detergent in Cambridge.

After the fuel shortage, the UK is now facing a food crisis. This is the effect of Brexit, where EU drivers can only deliver two deliveries within seven days of arriving in the UK. However, in view of the shortage of British supermarkets, the Boris Johnson-led government announced on October 15 that it would suspend the rules on the number of deliveries that foreign truckers could make in the UK in order to mitigate the impact of the shortage. In the post-Brexit country.

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