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Under US pressure, Brazil signed an agreement to reduce methane emissions

11/2/2021 at 6:07 PM / Updated 11/2/2021 6:07 PM

The rumen, one of the four stomachs of cattle, produces gas until it leaves the mouth – (Credit: Getty Images)

Brazil and over 100 Countries with COP26 On Tuesday (2/11), an agreement was signed pledging to reduce methane emissions by 30%. The target should be reached by 2030, compared to 2020 numbers.

Methane is derived from open coal mines and livestock. Gas is produced by blind animals such as oxen and sheep, and in the rumen, one of the four stomachs of animals, until it comes out of its mouth – like a burp.

This gas has a greenhouse effect 80 times stronger than carbon dioxide (CO2) and is responsible for 30% of global warming since the time of the Industrial Revolution, according to the United Nations Environment Program.

Brazil, the world’s largest beef producer, has been reluctant to sign the deal. According to sources in the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, The pressure from the US government on Brazilian participation was decisive.

“We must act to reduce our methane emissions as soon as possible. Together, we promise to reduce our emissions by 30% by 2030. Today, the countries responsible for half of the world’s methane emissions have signed this agreement. President Joe Biden said.

Joe called for “more nations to join” in the pledge, which will be a message to China, India and Russia. The three countries, along with Brazil and Argentina, are in the group of five countries that emit the most methane gas on the planet, but have not signed the agreement.

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The G20 leaders’ joint statement, published on the Itamaraty website, acknowledged the significant contribution of methane emissions to climate change, saying “the reduction is one of the fastest, most viable and cost-effective ways to control change. Climate and its impacts.” “We welcome the contribution of various organizations in this regard and consider specific initiatives on methane, including the establishment of the International Monitoring Center for Methane Emissions (IMEO) to provide GHG inventory and high quality scientific data,” the report said.

Agreement to save forests

COP26 Participating Countries He promised to end illegal deforestation by 2030. “Our forests are nature’s way of capturing carbon and emitting CO2 from our atmosphere,” said US President Joe Biden.

These activities will be supported by $ 12 billion in public money contributed by 12 countries between 2021 and 2025, in addition to the $ 7.2 billion private investment of more than 30 global financial institutions, including giants such as Aviva, Schroeder and Axa. These measures should support measures such as reclaiming degraded land in developing countries, combating wildfires and protecting the rights of indigenous communities.