May 24, 2024

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Sony enviará três Boeing 747 com PS5 ao Reino Unido, para suprir demanda no Natal

Sony sends three Boeing 747s to UK with PS5 to meet Christmas demand – Arcade

Not the UK Sony Is actively working to ensure that PlayStation 5 Available on country shelves. Problems can be overcome, both of those Sony Currently facing, until the British are gone, a solution has been put in place.

Oh The Sun Explico What Sony Rented three Boeing 747 loaded aircraft PlayStation 5. The islands run from Seoul in South Korea to London. Once on British soil, the consoles will go to the distribution center and finally be shipped to island stores.

It Sony It plans to lease two more aircraft by the end of November to meet British demand for the console. Sending consoles by air is currently not common due to high operating costs. But since this is happening not only in the United Kingdom, but in many countries around the world, it is the most viable solution to fill the shortage of goods.

A Sony There is a problem delivering PlayStation 5 Completely, with the semiconductor crisis, it affected not only the gaming industry, but also computers, cars and equipment. The scarcity of British lands provided conditions for an influencer, who succeeded Sony A PlayStation 5, Sold for about 1,350 euros, Almost three times higher than the price of the console in the country. So much for a bill Tried to ban the sale of consoles at prices higher than recommended.

Meanwhile, the UK is facing logistics problems due to a lack of truck drivers to carry goods and services, including fuel. The exit from the European Union, known as Brexit, along with the problems caused by the Covit-19, meant that foreign truckers, especially those living in Eastern Europe, could not stay in the country to do their business. To solve the problem, the government sought the help of the military and developed special and temporary visa programs for foreign workers.

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