May 25, 2024

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Understand the epidemic with confirmed cases in Europe

Understand the epidemic with confirmed cases in Europe

The England According to the UK Health Safety Agency, there are three confirmed cases of monkey box virus infection (UKHSA)

The first case was confirmed by the agency last week. The man is said to have recently moved to Nigeria, where British officials believe he may have contracted the disease.

The two most recent cases were those living in the same house, but unrelated to the previous case. Health officials are investigating how they became infected.

Credit: WHO / Nigeria Disease Control Center Victims of monkey flu have been identified in the UK

The first patient received specialized treatment in an isolated unit. The UKHSA said it was working to identify anyone who was in close contact with him, including those traveling on the same plane.

Of the other two patients, one was being treated at the hospital and the other was in solitary confinement.

What is monkey disease?

The monkey is a rare viral infection, a relative of measles, which was eradicated in the 1980s.

According to the UK Public Health Organization (NHS) the disease usually lasts two to four weeks and the person will recover. Symptoms appear five to 21 days after infection.

It usually starts with symptoms such as muscle aches, headache and cold, as well as fever with swollen lymph nodes. It then develops into a rash that spreads to the face and body.

Monkey disease

Credit: Reproduction / UK Health Security Agency Skin rashes spread throughout the body

As stated in it World Health Organization (WHO), Severe cases usually occur in children and are related to the degree of exposure to the virus, the patient’s health and the nature of the complications.

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Complications of monkey box include secondary infections, bronchial pneumonia, sepsis, encephalitis and corneal infections.

How is it spread?

Infection is spread among people when in close contact with an infected person’s wounds, body fluids, or respiratory droplets.

It can also be spread from the bite or scratch of an infected animal, from the ingestion of bushmeat, or from direct contact with an infected person’s bed or clothing.

Why is it called monkey disease?

The monkey box virus was first discovered in 1958, and the name comes from the fact that two outbreaks of a disease such as smallpox occurred in laboratory monkeys kept for research.

But monkeys should not be the cause of the eruptions, and the natural reservoir of the monkey box is unknown, although the WHO says there are more rodents.