May 25, 2024

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Understand the real reason Copa America is in America

Understand the real reason Copa America is in America

This edition will be held for the second time in the United States, but an agreement between the companies made it easier to host the tournament in North America.

Why will the Copa America be held in the US?

A Copa America Hosted in the United States for the second time in history, Chile won on penalties in 2016 against Argentina. But this time there is no justification for it being a commemorative edition.

© Getty ImagesArgentina celebrate their Copa America title at the Maracana

According to the website of CONMEBOL The tournament series is held in the region due to an inter-organizational agreement to develop local soccer in the United States. The first step in the deal is the Gold Cup with runners-up Brazil in January.

The aim of the agreement is to improve the quality of football in the regions and promote the game through competitions. America in 2024. The reason for the relocation was only due to the fact that yesterday it was reported by GE that negotiations are underway so that competition will continue in the region in 2028.

Unlike previous years, the Copa America will feature 16 teams, 10 from CONMEBOL and 6 CONCACAF. Also, Mexico is one of the favorites, appearing with the same chances as Colombia and Uruguay.

The deal helped prepare for the 2026 World Cup

Although this is a CONMEBOL tournament, many host cities in the United States will be used in the tournament to support such a large event. Copa AmericaWith 16 choices, over a month to test in different games.

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On its official website, the CONMEBOL It announced which cities and stadiums will host the games from June 14. Texas, California, and Florida are likely to host more games.

Who will win the Copa America?

Who will win the Copa America?

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Another interesting aspect of the US-only tournament is that the country will host most of the 2026 World Cup games. Mexico And Canada will host few games due to lack of tradition in the sport.

with destruction Confederation Cup The World Cup uses stadiums to host matches for the World Cup. The international competition will be a barometer to find out what the demands are on stadiums and logistics with a large number of fans from 16 teams.

The Copa America is 35 days away

Most teams have already defined their preliminary rosters for the Copa America, with coach Dorival Jr. calling up the 23 players who will be in the squad for the continental tournament.

In this edition, as Neymar will be back on the pitch a few days after the final in Brazil, Brazil’s biggest stars are expected to have a great season and 2 wins. titles with Real Madrid.

Another point of interest is that this year’s final will be on the same date as the European Championship, marking the first time in history that European competitions will be decided at 4pm Brasilia time, with the Copa America final starting at 9pm.

Finally, all the behind-the-scenes footage of the continental matches will be published on the Polavip Brazil website, which will provide behind-the-scenes information on the tournament. In addition, it will show the real time of the main matches 1h30 before the games.

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