September 28, 2023

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Understand why Bolsonaro is sitting next to Putin, unlike Macron

Understand why Bolsonaro is sitting next to Putin, unlike Macron

Meetings with the presidents of Brazil and France were held differently (Photo: social networks / reproduction)

Supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) compare the visit of the Brazilian President to Russia with the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. Unlike the French head of state, Bolsonaro sat alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting.

Bolsonaro’s approach was allowed because the Brazilian president had undergone COVID-19 tests and all other health measures the Russian government had requested to meet with Putin.

Macron has already decided not to take a COVID test before the Russian representative’s visit in order not to give up genetic material to Moscow.

The Kremlin offered the Frenchman two options: take a PCR-type test conducted by the Russian authorities and allow him to deal with Putin; Or refuse the test, subject to stricter social distancing standards.

For the meeting, Bolsonaro needed to take 5 COVID tests. And earlier Wednesday (16/2) confirmed the procedures. The Brazilian president said, “I submitted to everything that was agreed upon in Brazil. Nothing happened here that differs from what was agreed upon,” expressing his displeasure at the journalists’ question in this regard.

According to Reuters, Macron was tested against the Corona virus, but the test carried out in France did not comply with the requirements of the Kremlin.

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