June 20, 2024

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Understand why Richthofen Palace can't be seen on Google Maps

Understand why Richthofen Palace can’t be seen on Google Maps

The success of “The Girl Who Killed My Parents” and “The Boy Who Killed My Parents” Films Which deals with the events leading up to the murder of the parents of Susanne von Richthofen – who she designed herself, along with boyfriend Daniel Kravenhaus and brother-in-law Christian Kravenhaus, might prompt some curious people to search for the address where the crime took place in google browser maps.

However, anyone who does this will find the image blurred.

This effect is already used by Google itself to automatically darken faces or license plates, but anyone can request that their property – or any other object that appeared on the platform – be blurred.

To do this, simply request the obfuscation through a form that will be analyzed by Google. According to the website’s Privacy Policy and Acceptance of Images, sexually explicit content, harassment, hate speech and personally identifiable information are some of the reasons that allow image distortion.


The property was sold in 2014, two months after Susan relinquished her parents’ inheritance. The two-storey house, pool, office and library underwent a renovation. The wall and gates are painted white, and old graffiti and exposed brickwork are covered.

The value for which the mansion was sold has not been disclosed.

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