July 19, 2024

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The President confirms that the flu was not happy with UNAMID only

The President confirms that the flu was not happy with UNAMID only

partnership between Fluminense And Unimed has the distinction of, among other things, winning two Brazilian titles and one title Brazil Cup. At a press conference last Friday, however, President Mario Bettencourt He explained that the former sponsor’s period was not only joys.

– Although, maybe people don’t think about it, but I do, Fluminense won the La Liga title in 2016. I consider it an important title, it was a movement for change in Brazilian football and when I entered our cup room, Primeira invited there, the cup over there. Fluminense was champion for Brazil in 2012, and in 2013 it was a very bad year, and they almost fell to the second division, even with the high investment. In 2014, with the investment, we were sixth in the Brazilian championship, at that time there was no G-6. In 2015, we reached the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. In 2016, we won the first league. Since then, from 2016 onwards, the club is no longer champion. In the 2016 Brazilian Championship, 17, 18 and 19, the club was always below twelfth place, becoming the second page club in the Brazilian Championship. And I’ve always said that our goal is to get back to the first page of Brazilian Championship – He said.

NS NETFLU, along with Leandro Dias and Rafael Siri, gave a reaction to the president’s press conference which you can check out here or through the link below:

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