June 21, 2024

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Unimed Blumenau Council approves study to resume hospital operations |  Pedro Machado

Unimed Blumenau Council approves study to resume hospital operations | Pedro Machado

Unimed Blumenau’s board of directors unanimously approved a feasibility study for Resume construction of the general hospital The cooperative is in the neighborhood of Villa Nova. Now the proposal will be analyzed at the meeting of the members of the cooperative, at a date to be fixed.

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Pending approval from co-op members, Unimed Blumenau has not yet released details of the study or a deadline for resuming business. In June, the column found that the cooperative had estimated an investment of R$25 million to R$30 million only in the structure and that initial budgets indicated another value, from R$50 million to R$60 million, to equip the unit.

The general hospital project was approved in 2007 by the members. The first stage was the opening of the Low-Complexity Emergency Care Unit, in November 2009, which is still operational today. As a result, the business started at the hospital itself, but they were banned twice and they are discontinued since 2016.

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