May 18, 2024

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Unimed claims to be a false viral script about a delta variable signed by the group

Unimed clarified that the message circulated on social media and signed by the group is false. The viral text contains putative information about the delta variant of the coronavirus and the symptoms caused by the virus. “Unimed do Brasil makes it clear that the cooperatives and companies in the Unimed system are not responsible for the content and denies the misuse of the trademark to disseminate unverified information that could affect people’s health,” said a note sent by Unimed Juiz de Fora to the Tribunal, which operates at the national level to reject The information, as explained by the press office of the group. Another message titled “False Information Alert” has already been sent by the group to its clients. The intent is to alert and reject the viral text.

The company also informed that it only speaks through official communication channels, which promotes access to safe and reliable information, and that at this time, it launched the “Free Lies Movement”, a campaign to alert and combat fake news.

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The company states that, as part of its social commitment to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, it has sought the Brazilian Society for Infectious Diseases (SBI) to provide reliable and useful information to the public, which contradicts much of the content of the above letter. According to infection scientist Alexander Nayemi, a consultant at SBI, who was reputed by the group, the delta variant has its main characteristics in its high transmissibility. Compared to the original strain of the virus, the variant is 97% transmissible, according to a study by King’s College London. It was precisely this study, according to the infectious disease specialist, that led to a flurry of misinformation in recent weeks, especially on social networks.

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According to this research, which was published a month ago, the symptoms of those with the delta variant are milder, with less coughing and body aches. He explained that symptoms in younger patients are similar to a cold, with less loss of smell and taste. The SBI adviser also stresses that an increase in the transmissibility of the virus is expected, given its natural evolution, which makes it necessary to vaccinate the population as quickly as possible, in order to reduce transmission of the virus, and to maintain known prevention measures – use a mask, disinfect your hands frequently With soap and water or alcohol gel and avoid clumps.

“There are no studies that prove that the delta variant is more pathogenic or fatal, or that it directly affects the lungs. This is not true. It is known that it is easier to transmit. Although its occurrence has already been recorded in Brazil, it is not the The variant prevailing in the country – this is the gamma variant,” Naim added.