June 20, 2024

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Unimed Curitiba inaugurates the reference center for the elderly

Unimed Curitiba inaugurates the reference center for the elderly

the Unimed Curitiba Opening of a reference center for seniors to focus activities related to the Mais Vida program that promotes comprehensive care and care for older people. An old man It helps in the development of healthy habits and attitudes conducive to well-being and quality of life.

According to Tessa Gonçalves de Resende, director of the health promotion sector at the cooperative, the initiative seeks to help older adults stay active and maintain their functional abilities. “Mis Vida came to expand this care, consolidate these programs into one and help improve the quality of life and provide gains that help the elderly gain independence. For this, we want this to be a space for all clients who have already participated in these programs and who, even during the pandemic, They continue with online activities, but also for customers in this age group who are still not participating,” he explains.

For Marcus Kaminsky, Managing Director of the Health Promotion Sector at Unimed Curitiba, the space integrates programs that have been in development for a long time and have gone through several phases. “We think very well about the venue because we always understand the importance of having a reference center to guide further actions and programmes. We have spent the past year thinking about every detail and what we can do differently to meet the expectations and needs of our audience. So we listened to the participants, every message and suggestion, we received many Ideas about what will be interesting and attractive, moreover, we now offer this space for Mais Vida ”, concludes.

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