May 19, 2024

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Unimed Insurance expands technology intelligence projects |  SEGS

Unimed Insurance expands technology intelligence projects | SEGS

Innovation and information technology continue to play a leading role in the company’s strategic guiding principles.

“Improving Seguros Unimed’s technological tools, increasing connectivity and fluidity across all operations”. With this goal, manifested in various challenges, Wilson Leal recently took up the position of Technology and Innovation at Seguradora do Sistema Unimed. The company, which has invested heavily in building more efficient bases for years and rapidly renewed its technological reality with the onset of the pandemic, is preparing for a new leap in the field: enabling its entire structure to support the growth fronts that have outlined the company for the next few years.

“This means increasing our levels of connectivity, constantly digitizing, and building more direct paths to the full path of a company’s information, processes and flows. Activities that remain fragmented will be compressed into a single structure, resulting in a responsive and efficient process,” explains Lyle. .

According to him, Seguros Unimed has paved the way for bolder changes and the moment has come. With nearly R$100 million in IT investments in the past three years, R$39 million of which in 2020 alone, the insurance company is focusing its efforts on creating synergistic systems that allow cost reduction, eliminate redundant operations, and increase responsiveness with different owners interest and create a shift that positively affects the outcome of the work.

The work done already indicates significant improvements. The Digital + project, which was created just over two years ago, allowed the insurance company to save 14 million R$ by digitizing operations and 7.6 million unprinted pages. The renewal of a network of systems continues, with a strong focus on innovation, process improvement and cybersecurity, and improving the integrity, traceability, and security of all corporate data.

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“Innovation and technology are always the focus of attention and investment and it will be no different at Seguros Unimed. We are committed to creating the best conditions for communication with customers, who now have a Super APP for access and various consulting for all services and we are faced with a strong challenge to promote coordinated actions that quickly lead to the creation of more structures smarter to our sales team, without interrupting or discouraging any improvement that has already been achieved,” Lyell emphasizes.

About Unimed Insurance

Seguros Unimed is the insurance group and the financial arm of the medical cooperative system Unimed, located in 84% of the national territory. Over 31 years in the market, the company serves 6 million policyholders in the health, dental, life, pension (open and closed) and primary branches (with property and medical liability insurance) sectors. Since 2019, I have also worked on managing the finances of the collaborative system, with the creation of InvestCoopAsset Management. The group has more than 1,400 employees at its headquarters and relationship center, as well as 22 other regional offices across the country.