May 25, 2024

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Unimed Ponta Grossa sponsors the Casa Cantante cultural project |  Campus Mail

Unimed Ponta Grossa sponsors the Casa Cantante cultural project | Campus Mail

With advisors – Unimed Ponta Grossa sponsors the cultural project Cantiga Animal promoted by the Ponta Grossa Casa Cantante troupe. The initiative provides for 14 free concerts to be held in squares across the city. The reference expresses the conservation and preservation of Brazilian animals through six original songs and ten rhymes in the public domain.

Sponsoring the project through the Municipal Law to stimulate culture contributes to the dissemination of musical culture and environmental education for children. Unimed Ponta Grossa supports sustainability practices and cultural activities in the city that promote transformation in the community.

For Sandri Anderson, director of marketing and communications for the cooperative, activities related to culture and the environment encourage experiences, interactions, and awareness. He asserts, “Supporting initiatives such as Casa Cantante allows us to take the Unimed way of care beyond physical health, and contribute to improving the quality of life and well-being of people.”

Performances take place in Praça Por do Sol, Parque Monteiro Lobato, Costa Rica, Jardim Maracanã, Vila Margarida, Gralha Azul, Vila Vendrami, Jardim Ouro Verde and Shangrilá. The project also covers the counties of Ofaia, Itayacoca, Berequitos and Guaragi.

For the band’s vocalist, Julian Ribeiro, the work developed by Banda Casa Cantante is much more than just music. “In the shows we see the interaction between children and adults, creating emotional memories, expanding knowledge, and realizing a sense of community. As we say, we make music for children of all ages,” he explains.

In addition to the show, participants receive educational materials containing information, challenges, hobbies, and coloring arts with the aim of encouraging environmental education.

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check the full schedule On the Unimed Ponta Grossa website.