July 20, 2024

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US says Bolsonaro’s moment of ‘solidarity’ with Russia ‘could not be worse’ |  World

US says Bolsonaro’s moment of ‘solidarity’ with Russia ‘could not be worse’ | World

The United States criticized, Thursday (17), the timing and content of President Jair Bolsonaro’s meeting with the Russian President. Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We see a false narrative regarding our interaction with Brazil Russia Includes asking Brazil to choose between United States of America and the Russia. This is not the case. The question is that Brazil, as an important country, seems to ignore armed aggression by a superpower “Against a smaller neighbour, a position that is inconsistent with its historic emphasis on peace and diplomacy,” a State Department spokesman told Globo TV.

The US government was also outraged by President Jair Bolsonaro’s declaration of solidarity with Russia.

The moment the President of Brazil showed his solidarity with… RussiaAs Russian forces prepare for possible attacks on Ukrainian cities, It couldn’t be worse. This undermines international diplomacy aimed at averting strategic and humanitarian catastrophe, as well as Brazil’s own calls for a peaceful solution to the crisissaid the speaker.

On Wednesday (16), Bolsonaro met with Putin and said, along with the Russian president: “We are in solidarity with all those countries that want and are committed to peace.” Ahead of the meeting, when Bolsonaro spoke of a possible US response to Russia’s military moves, he said Putin “seeks peace.”

The presidents of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and Russia, Vladimir Putin, met in Moscow, accompanied by interpreters – Photo: Oficial Kremlin/PR

On another point, Bolsonaro reiterated that Putin, in his opinion, seeks peace.

Amid rising tensions in Ukraine since January, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke twice with Brazilian Foreign Minister Carlos Franca.

They discussed Bolsonaro’s visit to Moscow. The Americans warned that Bolsonaro’s photo with Putin might send the wrong message, but the US government did not request that the trip be cancelled. The White House National Security Adviser responded on TV Globo days before the visit that “the Brazilian president is free to conduct his own diplomacy, including with Russia“.

The United States asked the Brazilian president to deliver a principled message to President Putin about the importance of following the diplomatic path, calming tensions in the region, and respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The importance of Brazil in the crisis

Brazil’s position regarding what is currently happening in Eastern Europe is gaining some importance because this country He holds a rotating seat on the UN Security Council .

In addition, Brazil has the status of a non-NATO military ally of the United States, granted to the country by the administration of Donald Trump.

At this time, the United States is seeking to unite the United Nations Security Council and NATO allies and partners against Russian demands for Ukraine.