May 20, 2024

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Using a mobile phone in the workplace can lead to dismissal for a good reason

Image copyright Pexels Image caption Some companies have clear rules on the use of mobile phones at work and may fire employees for good reason (Credit: Pexels)

A problem with the work environment in some companies, the cell phone is grounds for dismissal for good reason in many of the business cases being considered in the Brazilian judiciary. Many of these dismissed workers are trying to seek support in lawsuits, because the case is not regulated in the country, but the courts give employers the right.

Justice League understands that companies can create mechanisms to prohibit or restrict the use of mobile phones for personal purposes during the work day. When the rule is not complied with, the employee can actually be fired for good reason.

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According to Valor, more than 47,000 cases are being heard in courts across Brazil. A bill came to pass in the National Congress and proposed a broader discussion on regulating the subject, but PL was removed from the list.

In many cases where the labor court analyzes cases of employees who have been fired for using cell phones in the professional environment, judges note disobedience, lack of discipline and non-compliance with rules.

In general, companies do not fire immediately and warn against excessive cell phone use during business hours. In these cases, it is worth paying attention to the company’s rules and, in the first warning, minimizing special moments to avoid dismissal that removes rights such as advance notice, thirteenth paycheck, FGTS fine and unemployment insurance.

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