October 4, 2023

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Victor Egoh announced the end of his engagement with Sthe Matos on Instagram - Zoeira

Victor Egoh announced the end of his engagement with Sthe Matos on Instagram – Zoeira

Victor Egoh, ex partner sti MatosShe mentioned on the reality show “A Fazenda 13”, on Instagram, that her interaction with the digital influencer had ended. On the show, a woman from Bahia appeared exchanging feelings with her Dinho Alves.

MC Mirella, Dynho’s wife, also announced that she has filed for divorce from the dancer, due to her closeness to the influencer.

“Taking into account what I want in my life, as well as my values, and primarily my mental and emotional health, I say that today, 12/06/2021, my subscription with Sthefane Matos has ended,” Victor Egoh.

Watch Victor Egoh’s post:

Legend: Victor Egoh’s press release on the social network

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In a statement, the businessman said he will wait for the show to end or Sthe Matos to be eliminated until they can meet and talk. “Since she came into reality, I’ve watched tirelessly contrasting scenes with everything I thought existed between us as a couple and as a family. However, I’ve always been more conservative about it, waiting for her to come back so we could talk, and she explained to me everything that had been seen.”

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Victor Egoh says he made the decision to quit after watching a video of Six talking to Elaine Mineiro. “After watching new videos yesterday, my partner assumes, through symbols in conversation with her fellow confinement, some physical act with the said ‘friend/brother’, and another video, more intimate, shrugs off in aggravating the way she occupies here and should occupy There, as a committed woman, I rethought everything.”

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