May 29, 2024

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Video - A meteor shower with debris from Comet Halley was seen in Santa Catarina

Video – A meteor shower with debris from Comet Halley was seen in Santa Catarina

A meteor shower was recorded with the debris of Halley’s Comet in the early hours of Friday, 22nd, in the municipality of Monte Castillo, in the northern plateau of Santa Catarina. This phenomenon was captured by amateur astronomer Josemar Justino. He is also a member of the Brazilian Meteorite Monitoring Network (Pramum).

According to Josimar, every October Earth passes through a series of particles left behind by Comet Halley in previous passes close to the Sun. “As the planet passes this path at this time of year, many of the particles end up entering the Earth’s atmosphere and causing a luminous effect known as a meteor,” he explains.

This year, the period of greatest intensity for these meteors has been predicted for Wednesday, 20, and Thursday 21. According to Josimar, it is possible to observe meteors in greater quantities on these dates, but rain, called Orionids, is active between September 26 and November 22.

This is the second meteor shower associated with Halley’s debris. The first one reached its maximum in May and is called “eta aquaridas” and which now occurs, with a maximum in October, is called Orionids or Orionids,” he comments.


Josimar says that lizards enter Earth’s atmosphere at an approximate speed of 66 kilometers per second (km/s), which equates to about 237,000 kilometers per hour.

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