September 25, 2023

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Video: Children's 'play' in flight from 27-storey unprotected buildings - International

Video: Children’s ‘play’ in flight from 27-storey unprotected buildings – International

A record in China’s Hubei province of two children playing on the roof of a 27-storey building sent viewers goosebumps (Photo: South China Morning Post/Reproduo)

A record set in China’s Hubei province caused viewers to shiver. The video shows two children on the roof edge of a 27-storey building, one of them jumping multiple times over a flight between two parts of the building. The “play” takes place without any protection, and the boys are in imminent danger of death. Watch the moment:

The video went viral on Twitter and alarmed users. It was artist Esteban Tavares who shared the record on the network with the comment “Contraceptive Pictures”, when he said that children’s ability to do something so dangerous makes him not want to have children.

Users shared this feeling. “Oh my gosh, this video made me sick,” civil engineer Lev Kaki said. Another user says: “Brother of God, the Greatest does not stop jumping. Stop jumping, baby! Jehovah, beloved, Lord.” “Wow, this video dried my hair, broke my nails, and left me with dark circles,” vented another profile.

Fortunately, the case had a good ending. According to the Chinese newspaper, the South China Morning Post, the person filming the situation immediately called an official of the boys’ building and a team quickly came to rescue the boys and took them from the scene to safety.

The roof of the building is not accessible to residents, but after the incident with the children, the building staff noticed that the door lock that prevented access to the site was damaged. Therefore, the two “adventurers” managed to get to the place. According to the building management, the lock has already been fixed and the boys have been punished.

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