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Video shows an Australian tourist fell to death in a hotel in Thailand - Monet

Video shows an Australian tourist fell to death in a hotel in Thailand – Monet

CCTV captured the fall of Joshua James Connell (Image: Reproduction)

Security camera footage captured the terrifying moment when Australian tourist Joshua James Connell decided to climb onto the handrail of the wall and security barrier of the pool area of ​​a hotel in Phuket, Thailand, and had a fatal fall, which ended up in the roof of a nearby cafe after falling six floors.

The video released by local media shows the 19-year-old playing balance above the entertainment area of ​​Paribas Resort Patong this week. Apparently, when jumping on the metal fence, the tourist apparently lost his balance by slipping or the rounded shape of the structure.

Local media said he fell from a height of 15 meters and landed on the roof of a tin cafe where locals discovered him. Connell was rushed to the hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly thereafter from severe injuries sustained in the fall.

Resident Ning Taniaporn said he heard Connell knocking on the roof. “I had just opened my shop and heard loud thunder. I thought a car had hit or there was an explosion in their kitchen.” People gathered around the restaurant and saw the stranger on the roof. He was unconscious, so someone called an ambulance. Everyone was shocked by his fall and died.”

In the video, it is also possible to see the fire department lowering the Australian’s body on a stretcher through a hatch in the roof. Police Lieutenant Colonel Kokiat Bonblood said emergency services arrived at the scene around 5:50 p.m. after receiving calls about a foreigner who had fallen from the hotel. The police officer leading the investigation said: “The roof of the restaurant was shattered and several tiles were lying on the floor. The deceased’s legs were twisted and he sustained head injuries.”

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CCTV footage helped police in the investigation and ruled out the possibility that someone had thrown the Australian from the building. Connell’s body is undergoing an autopsy at Patong Hospital.