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Video shows Ukrainians executing Russian soldiers – DW – 07/04/2022

Video shows Ukrainians executing Russian soldiers – DW – 07/04/2022

American newspaper New York times He confirmed the authenticity of a video clip circulated on social media showing Ukrainian soldiers executing Russian soldiers detained in the outskirts of Kyiv and commemorating the dead. These photos are circulating on social media on accounts linked to Russia.

The video shows a road with several bodies that appear to be Russian soldiers lying on the ground. Ukrainian soldiers walk among the corpses and celebrate. Early on, a wounded Russian soldier appeared, but he is still alive. One Ukrainian says: “He’s still alive. Picture these thugs. Look, he’s still alive. He’s panting.” Then he twice shot the man at close range.

Next to the victim, it is possible to see at least three more Russian soldiers. One of them was hit in the head with his hands tied behind his back. Corpses lie next to an infantry fighting vehicle used by the Russian Armed Forces. Moreover, there are other destructive compounds.

One of the Ukrainian soldiers in the video even claims that the Russians are “not even human”. He also says that two Russian lieutenants were captured in the operation.

According to a report by The New York Times On Monday (4/4), the video was published in the north of the town of Dmitrievka, about 11 kilometers from Bucha, where hundreds of civilian bodies were found scattered in the streets and in mass graves after the withdrawal of Russian forces. . Busha’s photos shocked the world and provoked widespread condemnation of Russian actions in Ukraine.

According to the newspaper, Russian soldiers were to fall victim to a Ukrainian ambush on March 30, as they were withdrawing from cities around the capital, Kyiv, which was the target of heavy fighting. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry even posted a message on Twitter about the “precise action” of Ukrainian forces in destroying a Russian convoy.

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The unit to which the Ukrainians in the video belong is not clear. A news agency in the country has released a video of an ambush by the Georgian Legion, a Georgian paramilitary force that has been fighting separatists in the east since 2014.

Ukraine has not taken a position on the video yet. In a similar episode at the end of March, the Ukrainian government said, however, that it would investigate the case, when footage emerged of the country’s military shooting the knees of captured Russian soldiers with their hands tied and blindfolded.

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