June 16, 2024

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Video: This is what the “Viacto Francisco Morason” road in Los Soros looks like

At the end of May, Romeo Rodriguez, head of the Ministry of Public Works, said the “mega job” would last two and a half years.

As usual with Twitter reporting on the country’s plans, President Naib Bukele tweeted a video showing the final work of the “Francisco Morason Viaduct” in Los Soros, which includes the 8 extension from Las Telesias to the Polydro and San Juan O’Brien 6 from Polydro Bosses and Interchange ”, says the text that comes with the pictures.

At the end of May, Romeo Rodriguez, head of the Ministry of Public Works, said the “mega job” would last two and a half years.

“Every day 15 kilometers of road people have to wait 2 hours to enter San Salvador, in fact it only takes an average of 20 minutes,” the official said at the time.

Funding for the work will come from a $ 245 million new loan from the Economic Integration (CABEI) for the Bank of Central America, which was approved in favor of 74 votes this afternoon.

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According to the legislative decree, these works are aimed at ensuring efficient and safe road connectivity in the country’s road network, thereby allowing to improve the conditions of movement of goods and people at the national and regional level. Economic growth to stimulate private investment, among other things.

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Conditions and condition of the Pan-American Highway from the Las Soros section to the San Juan Obigo diversion, the Department of La Libertad and the highway Santa Ana, Citio del Nino. And security for private vehicles, joint transport and freight.

The Pan-American Highway is planned to be widened to 8 lanes from the Los Telicias neighborhood in Santa Tecla to Palitro; And 6 routes from that place to San Juan Obico, La Libertad.

Other works

With an investment of 9,469,806.78, the Ministry of Public Works (MOP) is constructing a cycle path from the United Nations ring to Los Jagarantas Street, west of San Salvador, to the junction of Jerusalem Avenue.

The work will be 1.62 kilometers long and will provide an alternative link between the municipalities of San Salvador and Antigua Cascatlin.

“The bike lane on Jerusalem Avenue is the beginning of something very important. We will build more infrastructure for sustainable movement than has been built in the last 30 years.” Commented a few days ago Minister of Public Works Romeo Herrera.

This task involves the construction of a rest area with the necessary signs to guarantee the comfort and safety of the users.