October 1, 2023

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Video: Tubarão scares swimmers away from the sea a few meters from the sand of the beach

People fled from the water after hearing the alarm and had to catch their dogs that tried to escape into the sea.

Swimmers enjoying an afternoon at the beach in Perth, in Australia, was not well received by the “owner of the house”. A large tiger shark appeared and frightened vacationers on Monday afternoon (3).

The videos show the shark swimming a few meters from the sand and scaring people as they run out of the water. Information from the newspaper 9 News Perth e do daily Mail.

Tiger shark scares swimmers in Australia – Photo: Reproduction/Daily Mail

The images were recorded by an Australian television channel. According to the information of the local newspaper, several attacks were seen, among them more than one shark.

Watch the video:

After confirming the animal’s presence, lifeguards set off an alarm to alert people to get out of the water.

Many swimmers were even forced to hold their dogs, who tried to run into the sea. Despite the fear, no one was hurt at the time.

The tiger shark is a tropical species and can reach 5 meters in length. The name “tiger” comes from the darker stripes that appear with age. This species is considered to be one of the three most aggressive species, along with the great white and flat-headed shark.

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