June 16, 2024

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Volcano in the Canaries leaves a trail of chaos

Volcano in the Canaries leaves a trail of chaos

a Cumbre Vega volcano eruption, in La Palma, in the Canary Islands, completes a week tomorrow. at this time , The path of destruction It includes 400 homes and buildings, in addition to the evacuation of more than 6000 people, including 400 tourists, in an operation that is supposed to take weeks. Despite the low speed, the damage intensified over the days.

With incredible visuals such as the “lava wall” and the swimming pool invading it, the damaged area actually reaches 240 hectares. The speed slowed in the middle of the week, but yesterday the authorities issued an update that the eruption is escalating.

Although difficult to predict, the eruption can last between 24 and 84 days, according to calculations by the Institute of Volcanology of the Canary Islands.

The column of gases and ash that emerges from the volcano Its elevation is 4500 metres It can already be seen in Tenerife (Spain). The Government of the Canary Islands today issued an eviction alert for the areas of Taguiya, Tacande de Abajo and Tacande de Arriba.

The authorities are concerned that the lava will reach the sea. The chemical reaction resulting from contact with salt water can lead to explosions and the emission of harmful gases.

Spain’s IGN (National Geographical Institute) announced yesterday that the movement of lava has stopped. One of the lava tongues stopped advancing and the other slowed from 700 m/h to 4 m/h.

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Today, however, the authorities issued a warning of the intensification of the eruption. Cumbre Vieja expels a column of ash and gases up to 4,500 meters in height. The lava flow is 12 meters high at its highest point and 500 meters wide, which contributes to slowing its movement.

On Thursday (22), the emergency team accompanied the visit of King Philip 6 of Spain, who insisted on personally speaking with those affected by the volcano and providing assistance.

The first announcement of the danger of an eruption came on the 16th, when authorities raised the alert level to yellow, and the third in a group of four. Brazilian researchers even suggested The possibility of a tsunami in Brazil, if part of the island collapsed.

The Spanish authorities issued a warning about the dangers of volcanoes on Saturday (18). On the 19th, at 11:12 a.m. Brasilia time, Cumbre Vega, after decades of inactivity, arouse. The last recorded eruption of La Palma was nearly five decades ago, when the Tinguia volcano erupted and remained active for more than three weeks.

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there is chance football From Union Deportiva Las Palmas, Spanish second division team, It had to be used as a shelter for the locals.. In all, about 300 people had to be removed from their homes and sent to the soccer field in El Paso.

Residents arrive at Unión Deportiva Las Palmas - Twitter / RNE Canarias - Twitter / RNE Canarias

Residents arrive at Unión Deportiva Las Palmas

Photo: Twitter / RNE Canarias

On the twentieth day my tongue of lava began to descend from the slope of Cumbre Vega already on the eighteenth, Drag houses and other buildings. On the same day, the European Union (EU) Activate the satellite system To accompany a volcanic eruption.

Canary volcano eruption - FORT / via Reuters - FORT / via Reuters

Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption in the Canary Islands (Spain)

Photo: Fort / via Reuters

Also on the 20th, the Volcanic Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) reported that the eruption had already released 6,000 to 9,000 tons of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per day. Lava was released with an average height of six meters and advanced at a speed of 700 meters per hour.

Canary volcano eruption - Desiree Martin / AFP - Desiree Martin / AFP

Cumbre Vega volcano eruption in the Canary Islands

Photo: Desiree Martin/AFP

On the twenty-first, the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, reduced his stay in New York, where he will attend the seventy-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly, Heading to the Canary Islands. On that day, a video was recorded on a street in La Palma Shows the moment when the “lava wall” is, It is more than 6 meters high and is directed towards the firefighters.

The amount of sulfur dioxide, a dense and colorless gas but highly toxic, was so great that the next day the authorities It is feared that the chemical will reach part of the Iberian Peninsula, consisting of Portugal and Spain itself, as well as almost the entire extension of Morocco and Tunisia, all the way to the coasts of France, Italy, Algeria and Libya.

vulcão canárias - Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME) / Reuters - Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME) / Reuters

An image from a video clip taken by a drone at night showing the eruption of the volcano and lava on its way to the sea on the island of La Palma, Spain

Imagem: Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME) / Reuters

day 22, Photos taken by a drone show the effects of the devastation left by the tongues of lava and ignited the moment the liquid invades the pool of the dwelling.

to UOL NewsProfessor José Alberto Vivas Veloso, from the Institute of Geosciences at the University of Brasilia, noted that Brazil was already hit by a tsunami that claimed two lives.