September 23, 2023

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Waiting for Ronaldo, Cruzeiro begins a crucial period of weeks on and off the pitch |  Sea trip

Waiting for Ronaldo, Cruzeiro begins a crucial period of weeks on and off the pitch | Sea trip

a Sea trip He secured himself in the Campeonato Mineiro final, but he’s not having a moment of calm. This week, the club begins a period of decisions that could affect not only the progress of the 2022 season, but also in relation to the coming years.

Who is the Crack 2022 Mineiro tournament?

Before entering the stadium against Atlético MG, next Saturday, determine the state title, a Sea trip He will hold important meetings behind the scenes. It is expected that Ronaldo will participate in Belo Horizonte, between Wednesday and Thursday, in the final procedures to obtain approval for the sale of 90% of the shares of SAF Cruzeirense, which will be voted on next Monday.

Ronaldo shoots a video during the classic Atlético MG match and Cruzeiro – Photo: Globo

Although unofficial, important political agents in Sea trip And people associated with the current administration, for Sergio Rodriguez, have been talking in search of consensus on this approval.

On Thursday, there is a meeting – also informal, but general knowledge – considered important to the course of the negotiation. Sergio, Gabriel Lima (Ronaldo’s Team) and Pedro Mesquita (CEO of XP Investimentos) will meet with advisors to resolve doubts about the final contract.

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Two days after that meeting, the decision came on the ground. The first final “under new management”. Although Pizulano’s team has accomplished Mineiro’s initial task, which was to reach the final, the search, without a doubt, will be for the title. More so with a single match, with a greater potential to reduce the difference in terms of Atlético-MG’s investment.

Cruzeiro defeats Athletic in the Mineiro final – Photo: Agência i7 / Mineirão

But so far, the April 4 decision is attracting the most fans’ attention. The question remains about Ronaldo Phenomeno’s permanence and the possibility of leaving the current administration. If there is no agreement between the parties, the Sea trip He will return to the market in search of investors.

In the midst of all this, Série B for the Brazilian Championship begins. This Monday, Cruzeiro will present a new show in Toca da Raposa and begin the final two-week period until the first round of the competition, scheduled for the weekend of April 9.

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