May 25, 2024

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Watch 30 minutes of ray tracing on PS5

Watch 30 minutes of ray tracing on PS5

GTA V will be issued in March 15, marking the debut of the video game for the third consecutive generation. A 30-minute game of the new version that runs through Fidelity Mode was published on Monday (14) by VGCso it is already possible to get first impressions of your breeding using ray tracing PS5.

This option provides native 4K resolution and 30 frames per second. The difference is not much compared to your version of PS4 (due to the 30fps rate), but ray tracing brings more noticeable reflections in cars, glass, and other aircraft where light is reflected more easily. paying off:

GTA V will be played in 3 different ways in the new generation. In addition to the aforementioned Fidelity Mode, players will be able to enjoy the title through Performance Mode, with 4K dynamic and 60fps, and RT Performance mode, with 4K dynamic, 60fps and ray tracing.

(Source: clone)

Weighs nearly 90 GB in the new generationpreload the game and Campaign mode Save transport Already available – remember it will be possible too pass progress at GTA Online on launch day.

PS5 GTA V costs R$53.73 on PS Store

Last week, Rockstar reported that the PS5 GTA V pre-order is now available on the PS Store for 53.73 Brazilian Real. This offer is valid until today June 14the date on which it will cost 214.90 Brazilian Real. Check details!

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