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Imagem de: 3 coisas sobre Elden Ring que estamos loucos para explorar

We can’t wait to find out 3 things about Elden Ring

what elden ring It was one of the most awaited games of 2022, that every player should know, so much so that the title was awarded the “Most Awaited Game” at the 2021 Game Awards. Now that the game is finally in stores, what more are we excited to do? See in this game? New Action RPG from FromSoftware And Bandi Namco?

To dig deeper, we have made a list of three things about the game that we want to explore in depth. Check it out below:

1. Less pressure for players

Hidetaka Miyazaki games – like Dark Souls – are known for their challenging difficulties and demanding learning curve, something that can cause players to face the same path or fight multiple times before finally making progress.

thinking about it, elden ring he have A novelty that will help reduce some of that pressure, where the player can choose the point at which his character recovers after defeat, becoming a tool to temporarily avoid extremely difficult locations or even return to points on the map where he can “farm” and prepare according to future attempts. This novelty does not reduce the difficulty of the battles and gives the opportunity to choose for those who prefer a more dynamic game.

2. Open world and replayability

Since it was announced that it will take place in the open world, the excitement has been for elden ring increased a lot. After all, the idea of ​​a new universe created in this way by Miyazaki would provide more opportunities for challenging adventures, extraordinary encounters and an unprecedented level of exploration, something that every RPG fan often appreciates.

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Although the open world concept generally presents insignificant obstacles, as well as the possibility of an empty and lifeless map, or even the need for hundreds of hours to finish the game, fortunately this is not the case. elden ring. The game can have a Main story completed about 30 hours Without having to fully explore the map, but the possibilities and replay factor of the game will increase exponentially for Pathfinders willing to dive in and uncover every secret, character, and challenge of this rich universe created in partnership with acclaimed writer George R.R. Martin (responsible for the bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire ).

3. More options in combat

The battle system is still as challenging and meticulous as its predecessors, but Miyazaki talked about how players will now have more options for using their skills and weapons. The skill tree is customizable so that the player can adapt to it Builds Your character throughout the game.

elden ring It also offers more than 100 different abilities, as well as different types of weapons that players can use and trade freely throughout their journeys.

It will also be possible to summon found spirits to help them in combat, thus balancing the scales against the most powerful enemies in the game.

elden ring

elden ring It was released on February 25, published by Bandai Namco, and is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Considering that this has been the most sought after game in recent times, there is no doubt that there are many other features to discover and explore. Now it remains to be seen which one will be your favourite.

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